Semiconductor Scholarships

Hello ECE Students with two years till graduation,

A faculty group in the College of Engineering is proposing the creation of a Minor in Semiconductor Engineering. To help promote interest in the Semiconductor Engineering field, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is pleased to offer undergraduate scholarships for students committing to pursue the Minor in Semiconductor Engineering. The scholarships are restricted to students beginning their third year of study in Fall 2023 and who are majoring in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, or Physics. These $2,500 Scholarships will be credited to student accounts as $2,500 in Fall 2023 and are renewable for Spring 2024 for students making good progress in Fall 2023.

To apply for the Semiconductor Scholarship, please complete this application: by April 10.

I will briefly describe this at the ECESAC Townhall seminar that takes place this Wednesday, March 22, in the Grainger Auditorium in ECEB, 5-6pm.

Bruce Hajek, ECE Department Head

p.s. At this point the minor is only a proposal, but the scholarships for next year will be given regardless of change in the minor or if the minor is not approved.